Movatrack Track Systems

  • Movatrack 100 Cubicle track

    The free-running roller wheel curtain hooks of Movatrack 100 are a revelation to nursing staff who have grown accustomed to ordinary cubicle track systems. Even after years of use, curtains on Movatrack will be light and easy to draw, and will not jam, even on bends.

    Not only do nursing staff prefer the ease of use and dependability of Movatrack 100 – many installers would rather fit Movatrack than any other track. Its simple and elegant design is not only easy and quick to install – it
    is also more satisfying. The rigid track section does not flex or sag, and the ability to span 3m means that ceiling suspension points are reduced to a minimum. The die-cast aluminium wall shoes hold the track securely and safely, whilst the slim and effective aluminium suspension hangers exceed NHS strength requirements. Movatrack fully complies with the requirements of HTM66.

    Every track is fitted with a unique press-slide curtain removal point allowing curtains to be removed swiftly, complete with hooks. This reduces maintenance time and improves infection control: no tedious track height unhooking of soiled curtains. Standard bend radius is 300mm, and gradual curves may be manufactured to any required radius.

    White powder-coated or silver anodised finish.
    BioSafe anti bacterial coating (white track only).
    Any RAL colour to order.
    Cubicle numbering system.
    Cubicle track uplighters fixed to top of track.
    Stainless steel roller hooks or rings in place of standard roller hook or more details.

  • Movatrack 101 Mobile Cubicle track

    The mobile dividing rails of the Movatrack 101 cubicle track system are a unique feature that revolutionises space utilisation in hospital wards. Cubicle widths can be altered in seconds by nursing staff in response to changes in medical requirements such as patient care or amount of equipment needed. If a spare dividing rail is provided, an extra bed-space can be brought quickly into use if required – with patient privacy maintained. The system comprises of a track, with curtains, across the front of a row of bed cubicles, and a back track, without curtains, fixed to the wall behind the beds. Mobile trolleys run within special slots in these tracks, and carry the mobile dividing rails, with curtains, smoothly and quietly on neoprene-tyred wheels.

    Movatrack 101 includes all the advantages of Movatrack 100 cubicle track and is fully compatible with it. The strong aluminium sections have a white powder-coated finish as standard.

    Any RAL colour powder-coated finish to order. Cubicle numbering system. Stainless steel roller hooks or rings in place of standard roller hook.

    Movatrack IV
    The Movatrack IV400 overhead intravenous track system may be fitted to Movatrack 101 with a mobile IV track, complete with 2-point carrier, running between, and parallel to, the mobile curtain tracks. This gives overhead IV provision at any point within the cubicle and augments the amazing versatility of the system. For further details see page 10.

  • Movatrack 300 Telescopic divider rail systems

    Movatrack 300 is designed specifically for doctors surgeries, hospitals, and other healthcare institutes where space and privacy needs conflict, or where a fixed track is not felt suitable. The unique system that revolutionises space utilisation caters for overhead hoists and other lifting equipment.

    The system comprises of a telescopic divider rail with light weight flame retardant curtains, that can go from its almost unseen closed position against the wall, to a full screen in 10 seconds. By having the choice of length of telescopic arms along with colours of curtains, ensures the product fits well within its environment.

  • Movatrack Cubicle Track

    The Movatrack hospital cubicle track system is in use in many hospitals throughout the world including major London hospitals. The rigid, high-grade aluminium track section and free-running roller hooks are designed to give years of trouble-free service. Movatrack with Kestrel offers a highly respected track system with the security of the acclaimed Kestrel Magnetic Anti-Ligature System – designed to complement each other.

    Specifically for high-risk mental health areas, Movatrack with Kestrel uses magnetic wall-fix brackets where tracks meet the wall, and magnetic top-fix brackets where suspension hangers meet the ceiling. This ensures that, under excess load, the suspension hanger separates from the ceiling bracket – an essential safety feature, as it is surprisingly easy to attach a cord to a fixed vertical rod and use it as a ligature point.

    Suggested layouts and details of individual fittings are shown in the Movatrack technical manual – available on request. Movatrack with Kestrel should always be fitted by trained and accredited personnel.

    Premium quality track system
    Strong attractive aluminium profile – able to span 3m
    Free running roller wheel curtain hooks as standard
    Curtain removal point on every track
    Biosafe® option available

  • Movatrack IV200 Heavy duty overhead intravenous track system

    Heavy duty ceiling mounted track in white powder-coated aluminium
    Heavy duty self-locking wheeled trolleys
    Five point telescopic carrier trees
    Pump carriers for syringe and infusion pumps
    Cable management option

    It is becoming increasingly important that the area around ahospital bed should be as uncluttered as possible. It is now accepted that the patients’ quality of life can have a direct bearing on recovery time, and the perceived intrusiveness of medical equipment may be a contributory factor.

    The benefit of IV200 is not only that drip bags and equipment are taken off the floor, but that they are suspended from an overhead track. IV provision can be kept discreetly aside, without taking up valuable floor space, yet it is always available to be moved into position when required.

    IV200 track is a very strong and rigid aluminium extrusion with a white powder-coated finish. It is usually fixed directly to the ceiling, although it may be suspended if the ceiling height is over 3m. Locking trolleys run smoothly and quietly within the track section on tough nylon wheels. When a carrier tree or pump carrier is suspended from a locking trolley, the trolley will automatically lock into position on the track to prevent accidental movement.

    Carrier trees are available in four sizes to suit a range of track heights. All are telescopic, with simple release adjustment for accurate height control of the five stainless steel hooks. Pump carriers have a 20mm diameter pole to which syringe and infusion pumps may be clamped. They can be used alone for syringe pumps, or positioned alongside a carrier tree for infusion use, and with a load capacity of 30kg will take up to four pumps with ease.

    The optional pump carrier with power supply solves the problem of cable management, with an NHS specification supply cable attached to the top of the pump carrier and across to the wall at ceiling height.

  • Movatrack Shower Track

    Premium quality track system
    Free running roller wheel curtain hooks as standard
    Curtain removal point on every track
    Biosafe® option available