Kestrel Magnetic Anti-Ligature System

  • 505PW Shower head holder

    Widely requested by hospital staff, the Kestrel magnetic shower head holder eliminates another potential ligature point in a location where patients would often be left unattended. Includes mounting plate and 1 bracket.

  • K500 Wardrobe rail

    There have been a number of self-harm incidents reported involving fixed wardrobe rails, so any risk assessment should include a serious appraisal of this possibility. The Kestrel
    load release wardrobe rail provides the solution by suspending
    a lightweight aluminium rail from Kestrel top-fix brackets. Under excess load the rail and its holders will part from the brackets. The alternative K530 features a polycarbonate rail (see inset picture) in place of aluminium. Although its useful capacity is reduced it poses less of a weapons risk in violent situations. The overall width of the standard unit is 500mm but longer rails are available using intermediate brackets and holders.

  • K502 Towel rail

    Due to the pleasing lines of the wall-fix brackets the Kestrel load-release towel rail looks smart and functional. But apply an abnormal load and it will part – promptly, efficiently and without damage. Available in two versions: K502 with silver anodised aluminium rail, and K504 with clear polycarbonate rail.

  • K506 Rail hook set

    The economical answer to any load-release multiple hook requirement. The strong ABS hooks will slide on the rail for ease of positioning, and hang freely to ensure that the centre of gravity of the load remains central.

  • K508 Coat hook

    Developed in response to repeated requests from hospital staff, the Kestrel coat hook is the answer to what seemed an intractable problem. A hook was needed that was as strong as a standard coat hook in normal use, yet would give NO point of ligature. The Kestrel coat hook is in two parts which perfectly complement each other, with the hook simply parting from its bracket under abnormal load. The detachable hook of this unit is manufactured from pliable material. Although its loading is reduced it has the advantage of being unusable as a weapon.

  • K509PW Toilet roll holder

    A lightweight holder manufactured from white plastic, and including a mounting plate and 1 bracket.

  • K510 Soap dispenser

    Satin stainless steel soap dispenser with a mounting plate and 2 brackets.

  • K511 Paper towel dispenser

    Satin stainless steel towel dispenser with a mounting plate and 2 brackets.

  • K512 Soap dish

    Polished satin steel soap dish with mounting plate and 1 bracket.

  • K514 Shelf set

    Clear polycarbonate shelf with 2 Kestrel wall-fix brackets.

  • K6200 Curtain track

    Kestrel brackets were designed to complement the high performance and pleasing appearance of the K6200 hand drawn track. It is a white finished aluminium track, lightweight yet strong, and with roller runners is ideally suited to all hospital applications. Tests have shown that for anti-ligature purposes it is most important that the complete track
    collapses. Even where a fixed track provides no ligature points, heavy weights can be suspended from the curtains. This is a serious potential risk. With the K6200 the track and curtain complete will part from the Kestrel brackets under abnormal load and can then be simply and quickly reinstated.

    Very sturdy aluminium track
    For medium to heavy curtains
    May be face or top-fixed
    Standard colour: white
    Low friction roller runners at 16 per metre

  • K95000 Flexible Curtain track

    Kestrel brackets were designed in response to Prison Service requirements, the special plastic formulation of the K9500 is designed to be flexible enough to prevent its use as a weapon by prisoners or violent psychiatric patients. It is shatterproof and will give no sharp edges if deliberately broken. Only for use with lightweight curtains and where the risk of violence precludes the use of the standard K6200 aluminium track.

    Specially formulated plastic construction
    Shatter proof
    Excellent alternative to aluminium tracks when the threat of violence restricts usage of metal products
    Standard colour: white