Sol Komfort Interiors has been founded on the basic fundamental principles of quality, efficiency, service and most importantly customer satisfaction, to give an uncompromising level, which has formed the culture of the company.

Sol Komfort believes that investment into people is the most important investment to be made, and is constantly striving to create a culture driven business where staff work because they want to work and be a vital part of the structure and fabric of the company.

Qualities looked for, and found within the staff at Sol Komfort are honesty, loyalty, reliability, obedience, respect, integrity and accountability which in turn moves the wheels of the company forward. This is to reach out to new heights and cross boarders into new areas where untapped potential lies.

Working at Sol Komfort provides opportunity to train, learn, be part of a team, and be a self-disciplined person, interacting with customers from a wide range of industries including; commercial, educational, NHS Trusts and government bodies.

Sol Komfort has an exceptionally high standard of staff care and maintains an atmosphere with is conducive to excellent performance, not only individually but as part of a team where everyone is needed for the prosperity of the company.

To obtain more information regarding career opportunities or to apply for a position, please contact HR:

There are currently no open positions, please check again soon, or phone to discuss.